Which lip color to choose according to your skin tone?

red lipstcik

Between red, purple, pink, nude, and hundreds of other color hues, it’s hard to find the lip shade that suits us best and thus, many of us feel lost while choosing lipstick.

They say, “Red for white skin and pink for darker ones.”

Now is it a truth or a myth?

Before starting, it’s essential to know that in order to find the perfect colors for you, a colorimetric test is done. By placing textiles of different colors near your face, we can discover the temperature, saturation and clarity of the colors that suit you best.

To make things easier for you, I share with you in this article the general rules on how to choose your lipstick according to your skin tone.   

White skin

If you have  white skin (brunette, blonde, or redhead), rejoice!

In general, women with fair skin can choose any color they want: red, pink, fuchsia, burgundy, orange, and any other color that come to their mind.

However, be careful while choosing your nude; make sure it’s one tone darker than your skin or the same tone as your lips.

To avoid:

A color lighter or of the same tone of your skin can make you look pale.

Tan skin

Are you lucky enough to have a sun-kissed skin all year long? You can enjoy festive colors all year long then, even during winter. Red, fuchsia and coral are a perfect match for your skin.

To avoid:

Dark and matte colors. They tend to harden your face features.

Dark skin

If you have metisse to dark brown skin, opt for matte lipstick while choosing the red tone that makes you happy. Burgundy and dark purple are two of the best colors for you.

Don’t hesitate to choose less obvious colors, like transparent glosses, nudes, and apricot.

To avoid:

Pastel colors that can make your skin grayish.

Asian skin

Asian skin is known to be golden and pale.

To shed the light on this beautiful skin, opt for natural colors like pink and copper.

To avoid:

Dark colors that can make your skin grayish.


If your lips are thin, opt for light and bright colors. These colors reflect the light and give volume.

If you have voluminous lips, and you want to accentuate them, choose natural, or dark and matte colors.

Discover the best colors for you and the best undertones for your skin tone with the colorimetry test here 😉

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