The 5 D’s to boost your confidence!


I have always felt confident! …. until I arrived to Paris.

Being in a new country, having to start from zero, and making new friends, made me feel so uncomfortably self-couscious. Do you remember how we used to feel when we were so young, and were desperate to make friends? When we wanted others to like us? Well that’s exactly how I was feeling the first months here 🙂 Being in this situation made me feel so vulnerable and even made me lose my confidence.

Fortunately, one day I decided to pause and think about everything I am going through. Results: I need to care less, I need to believe in myself, I NEED a confidence boost!

Today, I will share with you the 5 D’s that helped me boost my confidence.

Discard insecurities and negativity

The first thing on my list was getting rid of all the negativity. You know the: ” you will not make new friends”, “you will spend your life lonely, counting on your husband”, “You should blend in so they like you” etc… well the first thing that I did was to shut these voices up! No more insecurities, no more negativities. I am who I am and proud!

Deal with the No’s

Another challenge I faced and still facing, is building my network and connections from zero. It is always hard to start a business, and even harder when you are not in your country. While you think that everyone will be as enthusiastic as you are about what you do, unfortunately it is not the truth. You will hear A LOT of No’s! Deal with it! It doesn’t mean that you are not enough, it doesn’t mean that you failed, it’s simply that some things are not meant to happen and something else is waiting for you!


Nothing boost your confidence more than doing something new, something that you never thought you can do. It doesn’t have to be extreme. I started with small daily tasks, like taking the metro and going somewhere new, having lunch in a restaurant alone (yes I used to feel insecure about that!), starting a new activity, etc… Going out of your comfort zone and doing something new is a guaranteed confidence boost.


I know that a lot of people think of fashion as a superficial industry, and I understand that sometimes it does look superficial. But there is a deeper side of fashion, and the goal is not to dress better but to FEEL better. Find your style, the outfit that makes you feel like you can conquer the world and wear it as much as you can!


Finally, DANCE! alone or with a group. Dancing doesn’t only improve your posture, but it has an impact on your hormones levels. It decreases cortisol levels (stress hormone) and increases the testosterone levels which is the strength hormone. After a good dance session you will not only feel good physically but mentally too.

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