TGIF. Who doesn’t love Fridays?!

It’s the start of the weekend, parties, tanning, and relaxing after a long week of work. So, yeah, Thank God it’s Friday!

But before indulging in a crazy weekend where you don’t sleep before dawn and you drink until you forget your name, keep in mind that Monday is around the corner and you have to save your energy for yet another week of work.

In this post I will give you some tips and tricks to fight the Monday blues starting from Friday!

The Weekend

*Organize: during the week, sometimes it is hard to keep track of your schedule. So take advantage of the weekend to organize for the coming week. This can be done on a Friday night or Saturday morning so you can finish everything related to work and start your weekend of fun.

*Enjoy things you love: we all have things that we enjoy doing. For example I love horseback riding; my boyfriend loves football and running. Take advantage of your two free days to enjoy the things that you love the most. Go on a hike, organize a picnic with your friends, or take dance classes. These activities will fill you with positivity that even Mondays can’t take away from you.

*Sleep early: after spending your perfect weekend, you should dedicate Sunday to relaxation. If you are not yet ready to stay at home, you can go to the movies and just check-in early and have a good night of sleep so you can refuel before Monday morning.


*Monday morning! Try wearing something new to work on Mondays. You may not be able to do this every week, but it’s a trick that you can use sometimes. We all love showing off our new garments, so let it be a Monday runway!

*Cheat day: If you are on a diet, choose Monday to be your cheat day. This way, you won’t just beat the Monday blues, but you will actually start looking forward to the start of the week.

*Cocktails: what we love the most about weekends is meeting up with friends and having cocktails. So, why wouldn’t you do the same on Mondays afternoon. This way you can go over the exciting things you did on your weekend and plan together for the coming week.








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