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Hair and Makeup

No more looking for the perfect haircut. No more hair color that doesn’t suit you. And no more « 3 hours » makeup.

Hair & Makeup

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Body shape – Style

A, O, X, 8, V…So many different body shape, but what matters at the end is your uniqueness.

How to bring attention to the best parts of your body? And which clothing style suits best your goals?

Bodyshape – Style

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Colors – Body shape – Style

What is the difference between warm and cold colors? How to choose the perfect shade of red lipstick? You look in the mirror and the only thing you do is criticize yourself?

Discover your beauty profile by learning how to valorize yourself and profit from a detailed color analysis and clothing style.

Colors – Bodyshape – Style

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Closet Organization 

«Full closet, and we have nothing to wear» we have been there.

All you need is a personalized closet organized based on your goals, colors, and bodyshape. Get your closet in shape for a better lifestyle. Our experts will show you how to create full outfits and associate them with your accessories.

Results: Discover « NEW » outfits that have been already in your dressing and save up during your next shopping session.

Closet Organisation (Men & Women)

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Personal shopper

Compulsive shopping, going back home and not knowing how nor where to put the new items, followed by frustration! Another familiar scenario.

Profit from our professional advice during your next shopping session based on the study of your goals, bodyshape and colors.

Personal shopper

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Group Sessions and After Work

Bachelorette, after work, or just a fun moment among your friends?

Discover together your personal beauty profiles, style, and all fashion secrets for a breathtaking look.

Group session and After work

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