How to Dress on a First Date?


How to dress on a first date? 

It’s the question every single girl ask before her first date. “Should I wear a dress or pants? heels or flats? black or colorful?

To get started, it’s important to know that the dress code changes depending on the time and type of the date.

Let’s start with the type and time of the dates and the “style rules” to follow.

"A skinny jeans, silk top and cute heels are perfect for any type of date"

Coffee Date

If your first date is actually a daytime coffee date, then, go for a casual look: Jeans, casual dress flats, wedges, denim/ leather jacket, bomber jacket… Don’t forget to complete your look with accessories like sunnies, a cute bag, and jewelry.

After Work Date

For an After Work date, don’t hesitate to keep your corporate look and add some more fun pieces, like a red lipstick, colorful heels, statement necklace and a clutch. You can switch your classic blazer to a more edgy leather jacket, even though a classic blazer can work as well for this type of dates.

Dinner Date

For a Dinner first date, you want to look good but stay away from every think “Too” much. Too much makeup, too much short, too much tight, too much skin…

A cute dress with high heels, skinny jeans, leather pants, silk blouses, all work for a dinner date.

Focus on the textile: sensual textiles like leather, silk, and see through in small touches can have a special effect without being too obvious.

The Do’s and Don’ts of a first date

"Stay away from everything "Too Much"
  • While deciding on your first date outfit, you should always choose a comfortable outfit, heels that you can actually walk in and an overall look that you feel confident in
  • Choose pieces that shed the light on the best part of your body and a color that you feel best in.
  • Check out the location of your date and choose a suitable outfit for the place.
  • As mentioned above, stay away of everything “Too much” maintain a natural and effortless look

Adjusted clothes are very important for your overall comfort. Clothes that are too tight or too loose, can break a look and you will spend your evening trying to adjust your outfit.

Going on a date soon and you are not sure what to wear? Contact us for a personalized styling 😉


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After Work Date






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