I feel as if it has been a decade since my last post, but to be honest this period was really hectic. Last Thursday I arrived in Paris and a huge surprise was waiting for me.

Last summer I met this perfect guy when I was in the city of love visiting my cousin. After a few months, our relationship started to be more special, and here we are ENGAGED!

Yes, when I arrived last week to Paris I was surprised by the most magical proposal ever! You can imagine the lights of the iconic Eiffel Tower, flowers, our favorite song and of course, my man who already made everything in my life special just by being in it. He made me change my view on this life, and I feel really blessed that I have him by my side, and now I am proud to call myself his Fiancee and soon to be his wife.

Life can be really surprising sometimes. Last summer, if you were to tell me that in less than a year I will be preparing for my wedding I would laugh really hard. And here I am, overwhelmed by the wedding preparations that I have less than 5 months to finish.

New beginnings bring new hopes, new wishes, new thoughts, new friends, new enemies, and in my case, new country, new job, new home… new life. Thinking of this brings tears to my eyes, tears of joy and at the same time tears of sadness. Being away of my parents, my sisters and my friends won’t be easy at all. But what I am sure of, is that I will have by my side someone who is ready to do the impossible to make me smile and wipe the tears off my face, and I will be honored to be a part of a family that now I am more than happy to call my own. So here’s to love, new beginnings, and new experiences, and never forget that “there are far better things ahead than any we leave behind” (C.S. Lewis).














I was wearing

*Dress – Cecilia De Bucourt (Through Aishti)

Pictures by Reine Touma

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