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A new week has started and here I am sharing with you the first interview on the website!

I have met with the french blogger Sabrina Cesari who lives in Lebanon since 2011.

Sabrina and I share a very similar story. We actually exchanged our country ;). Therefore we have decided to exchange small gifts that each of us will need to live in her new country.(You can find the video at the end of this post).

During our meeting, I had the chance to get to know Sabrina and her story a little more. And here I am sharing it with you.

The first thing that I wanted to know, is why she chose to stay in Lebanon. And here is her story:

“5 years ago, I came to Lebanon to work with a Lebanese designer, first, it was just a short mission. After going back to France, I came to Lebanon again so I can spend some time with my boyfriend at the time (husband today). During my stay I had a job proposition which I decided to accept, and here I am, five years later, still in Lebanon, and married to that same person.

Sabrina is actually a designer, and she started her blog to be an inspiration window to her students (she gives couture courses). With time, she started posting tutorials to help her readers who live abroad create stylish outfits even if they can’t assist to her courses.

Sabrina describes her style as “casual chic”. A style that she feels comfortable in it without scarifying her feminine side. Her strategy is mixing between comfort and chic.

But her style changed when since came to Lebanon. “Lebanese girls are a lot more feminine. As a Parisian, we are feminine too but we don’t want to spend an hour to get ready, we want to be feminine but with comfort. So when I arrived to Lebanon, I tried keeping my french side and mix it with an oriental one.”

To mix between femininity and comfort here are some tips from Sabrina: “Today’s trends are based on comfort. For example we can wear a classic white shirt with a boyfriend or slim jeans and be classy without effort. Mixing between styles is essential to be trendy, feminine and comfortable.”

Finally, for her projects as a fashion designer, Sabrina wants to create her brand but not in the near future. “It’s something that I want to do, but I want to take my time and let things happen naturally while creating my experience and discovering what my followers love.”


Sabrina’ gifts

  • Roll-on anti-stress: To bare with the active life in Lebanon
  • Face mask: To hydrate her face after the hot summer
  • Silk tree: To have her own tree in a house surrounded by buildings
  • Makeup eraser: To remove her makeup overnight without worrying about makeup remover (since as Lebanese we wear more makeup than french;))
  • 5 years journal: to write down her next five years in Lebanon


My gifts

  • A “Croissant”: to start my day à la francaise!
  • Garnier BB Cream: to have a flawless skin in 2 seconds
  • Elle Magazine: Because you can’t live in France (or anywhere else) and don’t read Elle!
  • “Ride in the Rain Cape”: For the unexpected rainy moments
  • Sephora card: Well, because it’s my second home 😉



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