Welcome to my new website!

Almost a year ago, I started my blog “Mixture”, and my main goal was to mix between my two passions, writing and fashion.
When I moved to Paris, it didn’t take me long before I decided to enroll in a fashion school to become an image consultant. And here I am now, certified with distinction, and starting my new journey.

This website will be a window for my services as well as a place where I will be sharing many fashion tips, news, and discoveries, this time based on a professional experience.

Choosing my logo wasn’t easy. I jumped from butterflies, to geometric shapes, back to mixed words, and finally I found the perfect one for me! The first letter of my name in arabic drawn by my dear Ginette, the designer of the website.

So, what will I be sharing here?

– In “THE AGENCY” section you can find a large choice of services and offers based on every need.

– The “CULT ITEMS” section is where you can find a daily list of my favorite items from different shops and corners around the world.

– The “FASHION JOURNAL” section is dedicated to my almost-daily articles, news, and gallery.

– In “GHIWA” I added a small video introduction about me! 🙂 So you can get to know me better. The video is filmed and edited by my dearest friend Marie Reine Touma.

And of course for any information, questions, suggestions, you can drop us a message in the “CONTACT” section!

At the end, you can find a drop-down menu, where you can switch from english to french at the bottom of the page, alongside the copyright and our social media accounts.

Have a nice tour 😉


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