Fashion resolutions for 2017!


Resolutions are what I look forward for every new year, even though I don’t usually stick to my list more than one week! So this year my first resolution will be to keep trying and remembering the rest of my list;)

I usually make a big list divided by theme, so today I will share with you 5 fashion resolutions that you should make and keep!


"This year invest in a good quality coat"


Quality over quantity

In 2017, make quality your number one criteria. Instead of buying a low end coat that won’t last more than one season, invest in a good quality classic coat that will last you a lifetime.

Shop Intelligently 

When we talk about privileging quality, that doesn’t mean paying $500 for a trendy t-shirt! Be intelligent while shopping. Invest in classics and basics and learn how to mix them with less expensive items.

 Choose THE shoes!

Your shoes can make or break your outfit! Get out of your comfort zone and dare to choose at least one stylish pair.


"Local uprising designers over big malls"


Support new local talents

Wherever you live, there are definitely new talented designers struggling to stand out in this competitive field. This year, try and support those local talents, and you will surely end up with more beautiful and unique pieces.

Closet Detox

While many of us resolve to do a body detox, this year make closet detox and organization a priority. Take some time to decide whether you want to wear those favorites in the back of your closet or let them go!


Do you have any other fashion resolutions for the new year? Share them with us in the comment section below!

See you next year 😉


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