Coats and body shapes: Which style to choose?


Coats are the master pieces of our fall wardrobe. They are the pieces that will stand out at a first sight.  When we choose our coats, we usually tend to concentrate on the warmth aspect. This season, you will be able to choose warmth and style!

This fall cult piece can, instead of hiding our body shapes, actually shed the light on the best part of it. In this article, I share with you my list of favorite coats based on different body shapes.

In this article, I share with you my list of favorite coats based on different body shapes.


The Hourglass body shape 

To emphasize your figure, choose slim coats. Ladies with the hourglass body shape shouldn’t hesitate to show their waist by adding a large belt over the coat. This will draw attention to the strongest point of their body.

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The A body shape

For this body shape, choose long coats with epaulettes to add structure to the upper body part and create balance.

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The V body shape

If your shoulders are larger than your hips, capes are a great choice. As for your coats, choose them with round necks, A line shape, and without epaulettes. Our goal will be to create balance by adding volume to your hips.

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The H body shape

Trench coats, straight coats and A line shapes are the best choices for this body shape.

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The O Body shape

When you choose your coats, focus on the neck line. Waterfall and shawl collar create a vertical illusion and elongates the body, therefore they should be your number one choice.

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If you are tall, don’t hesitate on choosing long coats.

If you are « petite », short coats are your best friends.

If you want to discover your body shape and learn all the tricks on how to draw attention to the best parts of your body contact us here 😉 


Kendall Jenner

white coat

street style

miroslava duma

street style

coat with belt

pink coat

grey coat

street style

street style

green coat

street style

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