bomber jacket

September is here, leaves are falling, and gloomy days are becoming more frequent.

During this transitional period, bomber jackets seems to be the perfect choice! But if you were wondering which style to choose, keep reading for a detailed guide on each jacket style and its effect on body shapes.

Cropped jacket

The most seen style, the cropped style is short and puffy, therefor, it adds to the upper body volume. Choose this style if you want to draw the eye upwards, to look taller, to add volume to your shoulders, and to accentuate your waist. And choose a jacket with prints or embroidery.

Long style  

This version of the bomber jacket is perfect for taller girls. If you don’t want to add volume to your body, opt for this style too, it adds length and therefor helps slimming your body.

Satin finish and embroidered style

Jackets with station finish, embroidered details, prints, patchwork and other details are a perfect choice if you want to bring attention to this piece of your outfit or want to add volume to this part of your body. But remember, if you choose a jacket with lots of details make sure the rest of your outfit is simple.

If you don’t have a bomber jacket yet, now is the right time to add one to your closet! Check the pictures below for inspiration and happy Monday!


Pictures: Pinterest

Bomber jacket

Bomber jacket

Bomber jacket

Bomber jacket

Bomber jacket

Kendall jenner and gigi hadid

Bomber jacket


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