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I am currently writing this message after a long night celebrating the birthday of my friend Elyse. And we all know what does a long night of partying mean: waking up in the morning and trying everything possible to hide tiredness.

Well, here comes the magic of some beauty products that can transform a tired face into a fresh one as if you had 8 normal hours of sleep. And today I will share with you some of my favorite products.

I was using


First let’s start with the basics.

When you party all night it is obvious that you will wake up the next morning with dark circles. Therefore you will need a good concealer. The best one for me is DIORSKIN NUDE concealer in 001 from Dior especially that it can hide the dark circles without looking fake.

When we talk about day makeup, we certainly talk about a natural one without having thick layers on your face, so when it comes to the foundation and powder, I used DIORSKIN NUDE foundation in 010 and DIORSKIN NUDE compact powder in 022. And to have the sun-kissed effect I used DIORSKIN NUDE TAN in 001 under the bones of my cheeks, on my nose and forehead and for a healthy glow I used ROSY GLOW blush from Dior in 001.

Now let’s move to the eyes.

Last summer I bought from Sephora the NAKED 3 palette from Urban Decay and it turned out to be the best buy ever. It contains 12 shades of natural nude colors that you can mix and match to have any type of makeup. Here I used three: Strange, Nooner and Blackheart. As for the lashes I used Le Volume de Chanel which gives you thick and full lashes in a natural way.

for the lips, I love using lip pencils instead of lipsticks since it lasts longer and here I used LE CRAYON LEVRES from Chanel in Sonic Pink after that I used the lip maximizer in 001 from Dior.

Bonus: Instead of using a primer, rub an ice cube over your face to temporarily close your pores which gives your foundation a better appearance.


I was wearing this beautiful corset from Tip-Top Boutique.








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