In 2015, I left my country, family and job and moved to Paris to be with the man of my life.

Professionally I had two choices: find a job in journalism or seek a career in fashion, a road that I have long dreamt of following.

It didn’t take me long before I decided to enroll in a program at “Ecole superieur de relooking” and to start my career as an image consultant.

I am inspired by the woman of my generation, the “super-woman”. She balances successfully between her personal and professional life and it’s the image that I want to help her show.

The Image of a confident, full of life woman, without forgetting the uniqueness of every person.

I once read: what would you do if money doesn’t exist”, my answer today is: I would continue living my passion, and waking up everyday motivated, knowing that, while living my dream, I can help other women live theirs.