I am writing this post while sitting in a café with my friend Reine, (the talented photographer behind these beautiful pictures), brainstorming for the upcoming posts, and I can tell you it is going to be EPIC!

When I decided to start my own blog we thought it is going to be easy, but while preparing the first post, CINDERELLA, we knew that it is going to take a lot of time and energy. Since Reine and I are perfectionist, and we want to deliver the best content possible, the procedure before every post is really REALLY long.

We start by thinking about an idea, which takes days sometimes, after that, the outfit. The shooting, takes at least 2 hours, and then we sit together and check the pictures, and you don’t want to see us in this situation: She criticizes herself, I criticize myself and we have a breakdown session. After that, there is the editing and writing parts, and Voilà, the new post ladies and gentlemen. But hey, we are still beginners and I think criticizing ourselves will help us progress.

For this post, I wanted something classy and elegant for women on a budget. Social media is full of ladies with Chanel bags and Louboutin shoes, and we all love brands and dream about owning them, but let’s be realistic we can’t all afford paying 10 000 dollars for a bag.

This outfit is all about being trendy without paying a lot.

I chose these boyfriend jeans from Zara which cost me less than $90 with an I-shirt for less than 10 dollars and a blazer that I have for 5 years now and still new. The best thing about investing in a good quality blazer is that you can add it to any outfit and it won’t look the same.

Now to add a colorful touch to my outfit I chose these beautiful heels from Maria Pino. I Love this store, since you can find a lot of beautiful, high quality shoes with average prices.

The necklace is very precious to me, and I put it with almost every outfit, it was a gift from my boyfriend and since we are in a long distance relationship, with this necklace I feel as if he is always here with me.

And as Christian Dior says “Une fille ne peut faire son entrée sans son rouge”, so I chose this Guerlain lipstick as a final touch to my overall look.













I was wearing:

*Zara Jeans (similar)

*Basic T-shirt (similar)

*High-Heels Maria Pino

*Blazer from a shop in turkey (Similar)

*Romance Necklace Baccarat

*Guerlain Lip gloss ROUGE G L’EXTRAIT in M69 Orgueil

*Pictures by Reine Touma

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