10 gift ideas for the women of your life!

White Christmas tree

Christmas is around the corner, which means Christmas tree, decorations, family reunions, delicious dinners and…. plenty of gifts!

While we don’t usually start decorating late November, it’s never too early to start thinking about gifts. Personally, choosing Christmas presents is one of the most exciting things of this season.

To help you in this mission, I share with you today 10 gift ideas especially for the women in your life.

For the “Fashionable”: “Layla Rose Evil Eye Bundle” headset

For the woman who is always on top of the trends, the one with the perfect look and the one who  doesn’t forget the details, this headset from “Frends” is the little touch that makes all the difference. Not to forget the evil eye, a trend right now.


For the “artist”: Teri pants from “Mélange Mode”

The woman who is characterized by an artistic style, is a woman who dares wearing and mixing prints and whose outfit doesn’t come unnoticed. On  “ShopMelangeMode” website, you can find a large variation of pieces for this original style.


For the “classic”: Document holder “Le Foulonné” from Longchamps   

Elegancy is what makes the difference in this woman’s look. Sober colors and refined pieces are her number one choice. This document holder from Longchamps is an essential piece in her dressing.


For the “Student”: “Flirting Backpack” from Chiara Ferragni Collection

The woman with a “student” style is not necessarily a student. It’s her casual style that looks like students’ look. She prefers to be relaxed and casual.

This “Flirting” backpack is THE detail that’s going to give a trendy touch to her relaxed look.


For the “Glamour”: “Dianmonde” jewelry

The woman with the Glamour style is a seductive woman. She pays attention to her jewelry and doesn’t forget any detail for an allure that makes heads turn. Dianmonde jewelry are perfect to ensure her exceptional look.


For the “Modern”: Gambettes Boxe subscription

The modern woman follows trends in a discreet way. Her outfit is most of the time classic with a trendy piece (shape or color).

The Gambettes Box tights add a modern touch to any outfit. If you don’t live in France, Gambettes Box is a concept website that sends you every month two pairs of stylish tights.


For the “Natural”:  An unusual weekend with  Smartbox

The natural woman is close to nature, thus she chooses colors that remind her of the Earth, and textiles like cotton and linen. What is better than an unusual weekend in a hut near a lake to satisfy this woman?


For the “Romantic”: Floral dress from Zara

The romantic woman is a dreamer, and her romanticism is reflected by the way she dresses.

She privileges white, floral, eyelet fabric, and lace. Choose a dress from this type, and you will make this woman HAPPY!


For the “Sophisticated”:  Tiffany&co earrings

Women with a sophisticated style privilege quality on quantity. Black is their favorite color, and they brighten it up by adding gold and diamond jewelry.  The ideal gift? These Tiffany&co earrings are a perfect gift for this type of women.


Bonus: We said 10 ideas! If you are still hesitant, contact us to offer a special moment of self and body discovery with our gift cards.  

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Pictures: Pinterest / Brands website

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